Pain Specialists Of Southern Oregon - Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Heather Wilhite
To protect patient privacy, we ask that you do not put identifying personal information in your questions in this area.You may text questions to Heather Wilhite @ 530-526-3377The mySCS app is an app designed to give you access to essential information. Open the app store of your iPhone, or Play Store on your Android phone. Search the store for “mySCS”. Tap the mySCS icon and follow the store instructions to install and open the mySCS app. For assistance, please contact Jaclyn Ferguson @ 541-912-9544 or Jaclyn.ferguson@bsci.comTo schedule an appointment to see Dr. Savino to discuss these topics further, please call Pain Specialists of Southern Oregon at 541-779-5228
Heather Wilhite
Thanks for your question. We'll answer it at the end of the presentation.